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Suited & Booted

My preparations for the day actually start the evening before. I clean my shoes. This is a ritual I have been carrying out for nearly 30 years. I get my various compounds and specialist cloths spread out on the table and then I start. The whole process takes just over an hour. By the time I finish I am both focused and relaxed and you could use my shoes as a shaving mirror.

I rarely go out to buy shoes – they come to me. Every 8-12 weeks Caroline arrives in an estate car loaded with the merchandise. Caroline is the smiley face of Thomas Dainty Shoes. She gets to us early in the morning to set up her display on the mezzanine just under the window.

Thirty years ago Northamptonshire was still the home of British shoes. It seemed that every town and village in the County had its own factories churning them out. Now that business has all gone to the Far East with a few notable exceptions.

Caroline brings her shoes straight from the factory in the small town of Earls Barton. Each pair is lovingly hand finished by the last of the remaining English craftsmen.

In case you hadn’t guessed I am a man who sets great importance on his footwear. It has to look good; and it has to feel good. I spend all day on my feet and I have to be luxuriously comfortable. That’s why Caroline gets invited back so regularly.

Always a pleasure, never a chore

Terry Burns
The City Concierge


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