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All over the place

When I was a youngster, my mother used to say “Terry, you can’t be in two places at once”. Until quite recently, I believed that was true. So what happened quite recently? I set up City Concierge Ltd. and with every passing month, I’m in the lobbies of an increasing number of office buildings, clubs, banks, building societies, insurance companies…..all at the same time!

After all these years of being a concierge, I’ve become a “virtual concierge”. Members, tenants, employees in all our clients’ premises just pick up the phone or send an e-mail and within seconds they have access to all my knowledge and contacts. I only wish I could tell my mother “You’re wrong, Mum. Thanks to modern technology, I’m all over the place”.

This month, to all the people I’m looking after, there are two things I’m promoting:


How many people do you think visit the UK every year to do business? You’re sitting in a meeting with a man from China, a woman from Brazil. You think you understand what they’re telling you. They think they understand what you’re telling them. Turns out you’re both wrong, but only after a lot of wasted time. How much cheaper is it to hire one of our interpreters for a few hours and communicate effectively?


You’re back from holiday and suddenly its 17 weeks to Christmas. You could solve all your corporate gift problems in one click. We’ve got a mouth-watering selection of hampers this year – I put on 3lbs just looking at the web page.

I must dash – it’s not easy being everywhere at once.

Cheers, Terry


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