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The creation of City Concierge was largely a response to demand. Terry Burns was conducting his day-to-day business as he had been doing for many years, when he started getting a trickle of enquiries for the supply of his services to other buildings and organizations. Gradually, the trickle turned into a flood and he realized that it was necessary to start creating a corporate structure. He brought in long-time associate and experienced businessman Neville Spiers and between them, they started building the framework necessary to accommodate major business.

Once that framework was in place, they began spreading the news to all the companies who had made enquiries. By this time they had an established network of suppliers of high-quality products and services. They had also set up a sales and support team, together with the necessary software to service as many buildings, clubs and companies as wished to sign up. Our new website is the icing on the cake.


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